What does not challenge you, does not change you.


I lovingly yell this motto during the most intense parts of my workouts with clients, they both love and hate it! I do this to remind them that they are incharge of their fitness journey, and I am their charismatic personal guide. Athleticism has always been a part of my life and I am so happy to be able to share my passion and enthusiasm with everybody.

I am looking for awesome brands that I can represent with the same enthusiasm that I bring to my classes.


When you work with me, you get a champion.


2018 off and running. First place at the Arnold Classic for Amature Master Figure, and second place overall! What an awesome experience to participate and compete with so many amazing athletes! Stay tuned to see what happens next!

Before that I celebrated my second consecutive, first place finish at the all-natural, NANBF/IFPA Pro Elite World Championship. After finding success at the amateur level, I earned pro status in the Figure category. In 2016, I took my first World Championship and successfully defended my title at the end of 2017.


2018 Awards

Arnold Amateur 2018 Figure
Master Figure
Class B 1st place
Overall 1st place

Arnold Classic Open Figure
Class D 1st place
Overall 2nd place


2017 Awards

Pro Elite World Championship

1st place Pro Figure Champion

IPE Pro Bowl/WPA
Eastern Regional

1st place Pro Figure

Champions Invitational

1st place Pro Figure

California Natural Muscle PRO USA Championship

1st place Pro Figure


2016 Awards

Pacific Coast

1st place novice, 1st place figure open and 2nd place overall

Cascadia Classic

2nd place

NANBF Washington State Olympic Pro Qualifier
1st place and 1st place best presentation

Oregon State Championships

2nd place

NANBF/IFPA Pro Elite International
3rd place

Pro Elite World Championship

1st place and Overall Figure Champion


Personal Statement

Athleticism has always been a part of my life,  the lifestyle of training is just part of my day. I start each day excited to go to work, and I enjoy pushing people to accomplish their fitness goals while staying away from injuries. 

Besides fitness training, I love creating art through drawing and photography. I enjoy modeling and getting in extra good shape for every shoot. I also love watching my son excel in sports – baseball, track, basketball, and football.


Sponsorship Opportunity

I get approached by people at competitions, gyms, the grocery store...it seems like everywhere, asking, how can they get into shape? What supplements do I use? Where do I get my clothes and equipment? What brands do I prefer?

It turns out, people want my advice!

I am looking to team up with brands that I respect and can endorse, to strangers and clients alike, so that we can help everybody reach their fitness goals.